Golden Flatts Primary School and Lynnfield Primary School have a strong commitment to partnership working. As a result of our joint collaborative working we formed a hard federation between both schools in December 2018. The two schools share a Federated Governing Body. Mrs S. Sharpe works as the Executive Headteacher across the federation and has headship responsibilities in both schools. She is supported by the federation Strategic Team. This team of senior leaders works in partnership with each school’s SLT. It comprises of Miss K. KcIntyre Senior Head of School (Golden Flatts), Mrs. C. Lakin Head of School (Lynnfield) and Miss E. Bestford Assistant Headteacher for Vulnerable Pupils. As two school communities we feel that our partnership working is of huge benefit to both of us. Equally, we recognise that both schools are unique in their own right and our work must fully reflect and respect each school’s individual characteristics. Within the federation we regard our two schools as ‘sister schools’ not as mirrors of each other. As such we seek to be outward facing and are keen to learn from the good practice of others in order to shape our work and enable us to provide the very best for the children in our care.